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Infrastructure industry comprises of Roads, Ports, Airports, Railways, Irrigation & Water supply, as well as urban and industrial infrastructure (telecom, mining). For all of these the business needs are different. Being a part of the industry, we understand the business dynamics and challenges. With our IT deployment experience for leading infrastructure companies, we have developed templatised solutions based on best practices for infrastructure industry enabling quicker deployment and ROI. From our experience, we understand for IT deployment to be successful, it is very important that it needs to be treated as a "business initiative" rather than just another technology initiative. We ensure this by enabling our clients in IT work culture adoption through customized trainings, data discipline mechanism and business value extraction exercise.

Check how we can help you across infrastructure value chain

Project Acquisition
For project oriented industry like infrastructure, estimation is one of the core processes in project acquisition. We along with our alliance partners provide world-class estimation solution which covers all scenarios of estimation and tendering and enables our clients to make accurate estimate.
Project Planning & Budgeting
Our IT solutions play important role in planning phase right from project structure creation, time planning, cost planning, and identifying budget requirements to budget allocation. During execution phase as well our solutions play important role in progress monitoring and tracking material requirement.
Project Construction & Management
In construction stage various functions such as procurement, production, contracting, client billing, plants & machinery and accounting can be effectively monitored with the help of our IT solutions. Our solutions can efficiently manage various activities such as progress reports, equipment tracking, equipment performance, material requirement, material wastage control, procurement of inventory and inventory management.

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