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The infrastructure sector is poised to have an exponential growth in the near future. In India, the Government of India (GOI) has initiated ambitious infrastructure program focusing on growth. It has allocated USD 490 Billion in the 11th five year plan for the infrastructure sector. Availability of funding from multiple agencies, innovative modes of funding and increased private participation, are some of the factors driving the growth of infrastructure industry in the country. Information Technology (IT) is going to play an important role in the infrastructure development and e-governance initiatives for India. Being part of the infrastructure industry we realize there is a serious gap prevailing between IT and Infrastructure industries because of lack of domain knowledge among the existing IT players. We believe, Highbar Technocrat with its domain knowledge and IT expertise can bridge this gap.

We, at Highbar Technocrat aim to be an end-to-end IT solutions provider to the public sector Infrastructure requirements viz. Roads, Ports, Real-Estate, Airports, Railways, Irrigation & Water supply, Urban Infrastructure and Industrial Infrastructure (telecom, mining). We cater to the IT needs related to infrastructure sector for range of government bodies such as Central government, State government, local self-government bodies like municipal corporations as well as international agencies.

Business value
We cater to all infrastructure related IT requirements of government bodies through a judicious mix of internal competency development and strategic alliances with leading global IT industry partners. The business value we provide to our government clients are,
  • We treat an IT deployment as business transformation initiative rather than technology initiative, enabling government agencies to extract maximum business value for their investments
  • Better monitoring and control enabling improved operational efficiency
  • With our domain experts experienced to work on government projects, we understand the requirements and can cater to the needs of our clients in better manner

Some of landmark Government projects:

Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation

Nagpur Metro Highbar has facilitated the next generation project management platform especially in metro rail space which consists of 5D BIM (5 Dimensional Building Information Modelling) integrated with SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) supported by OSO (Owner’s Support Office). This is 1st of its kind platform implemented across India for efficient project management at Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. This platform is integration of four world class products including SAP, Primavera, Bentley & RIB. SAP offers the enterprise wide core transactional system integrating all business functions & provides business analytics. Bentley’s solution provides the engineering drawings in 2D & intelligent 3D drawing formats, Primavera is used for project scheduling and RIB is front end tool which integrates all these softwares seamlessly & provide enterprise wide reporting.

Digital Project Management Platform (5D BIM Integrated with SAP ERP): With implementation of Digital Project Management platform, Highbar has started focusing on Mega construction projects to adopt this platform & consider for efficient project management at respective projects. With implementation of Digital platform at Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation, Highbar has introduced advanced technologies like Open Text ECM, Linear Asset Management, Re-Land, SRM (Supplier Relationship Management),FLM (File Lifecycle Management) first time in India for a linear Mega project. Maha Metro is using these technologies efficiently for the Nagpur metro project.

We have implemented recently Digital Project Management Platform at Nagpur Metro which is formed under Maha Metro a joint-venture of the Govt. of India and Govt. of Maharashtra. Large infrastructure projects like Metro rails normally take 5-10 years because of procedural formalities, technical and financial requirements. Technology solutions are being explored to bring in financial efficiency, time efficiency and reduce spends on such large mega infrastructure projects. With same vision, Maha Metro decided to adopt such digital platform for efficient execution of Nagpur Metro Rail Project. The development of Digital Platform for Nagpur Metro is a pioneering effort - first time happening in India. In line with the global best practices, Maha Metro has adopted this pioneering approach of digital project management on 5-Dimensional Building Information Modelling (5D BIM) integrated with SAP ERP supported by Owner’s Support Office (OSO). This platform has now gone live & project team has started using information technology to visualize project virtually and monitor efficiently using 5 Dimensions (intelligent 3D Drawings with Time as 4th Dimension and Cost as 5th Dimension). We have set OSO (Owner’s Support Office) for efficient utilization of the digital project management platform. Use of this digital platform will help the metro project in mitigating risk of time & cost overruns, effective document management, quality adherence and effective asset management.

Download Digital Project Management Platform using 5D BIM integrated with sap ERP

Goa State Pollution Control Board

Highbar has unveiled their remarkable feat to bring in business transformation at Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) by deploying SAP e-governance solutions. The newly developed e-office was recently launched by Minister for Environment and Forest Mr. Rajendra Arlekar in the presence of former GSPCB chairman Mr. Jose Manuel Noronha and other board officials. GSPCB’s vision to accomplish paperless governance came live through Highbar’s innovative e-portal “Sustainable Workflow Platform” through which all the approvals will be facilitated online. Helping the board to be more efficient, this major Digital initiative will ensure paperless and transparent governance by leveraging information technology to undo unnecessary delays and the whole office proceedings would be available more seamlessly.

Commenting on achieving this major milestone for operation excellence Mr. Jose Manuel Noronha, Chairman, GSPCB said “It’s a proud moment for us as we are the only government department to go paperless after the Legislative assembly of Goa. This initiative is a major leap towards our commitment of making the board more accountable & approachable for the residents of Goa. By discarding the paper-based system we are also doing our part in saving trees from being cut as unnecessary paper use leads to wastage. We are thankful to team Highbar Technologies for their extensive support & handholding to make this dream project come live.”

Download Case Study GSPCB.
Download Whitepaper.

Download Improving efficiencies for infrastructure industry.

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